Customer Success Stories

Experience plus Customer Dedication Prevents Problems

We frequently deliver medical devices to hospitals in the Boston area for conferences or doctor trials. In particular, ultrasound devices and their trolleys are frequently moved around the hospital systems and we have a number of partners who trust us with their last mile, white-glove delivery.

In late 2019, we performed a routine ultrasound drop-off to a major Boston hospital including uncrating and assembly of the device in conference room. The following day, the presentation was over and we went to pick up the device. Our two team members noticed that an important box was missing for an optional probe that is usually included with this particular model.

The conference room had long since emptied so there was no one to ask about the missing box. Our team was already out past our usual closing time of 5pm. Rather than returning to our warehouse with the device, our senior driver called the logistics manager, who referred him to the conference host, who referred him to the ultrasound specialist, who realized that he had the “missing” box in his briefcase!

We were able to ship the ultrasound demonstration machine out on time with all of its components because our drivers are experienced, detail-oriented, and dedicated to customer satisfaction. Medical device logistics are complicated. Extreme dependability in your last mile deliveries makes it simpler.

Always Prepared to Succeed

The beautiful city of Boston presents unique challenges for trucking and transportation companies because of traffic, tight spaces, and significant rules and regulations. For those providing final mile, white-glove delivery in and out of buildings without docks, this creates new challenges every day.

McCall Trucking takes a different approach to unforeseen challenges than many of our competitors because we carry extra equipment with most deliveries in case of problems. This reduces the chance that we cannot make a delivery on time to satisfy our customers. This also saves money for our customers in not being charged for an attempted delivery.

One good example of McCall’s customer focus was on a crisp autumn day in Marblehead, MA, when we proved the value of our approach. We were brought in to assist the removal of dozens of power and data cabinets for a telecom provider. These cabinets, most over eight feet tall, would need to be removed from a small building with no dock and no ramp to ground level. Due to our extensive experience operating in New England since 1945, we had already worked in this building before and had its access limitation documented in our job site library. However, we had never removed such large equipment from this particular building.

We arrived at the job with a variety of dollies and multiple custom aluminum ramps of various lengths. We were built a small wooden ramp up the internal stairs and extended an aluminum ramp directly onto the side of our extra-strength lift gate. With four truckloads over two days, we were able to complete the entire removal job without one damaged unit so that they could be recycled for the maximum possible value for our customer. If we didn’t have “extra” equipment on hand designed for flexible solutions, or a team without thousands of documented commercial building details in Massachusetts, we would have needed double the workforce to try to carry these cabinets down a flight of stairs safely. To handle difficult jobs in tricky locations, you want a carrier with McCall Trucking’s mix of experience, ingenuity, and grit.